Saturday, November 29, 2008

CSI Training Class Coming in January

There is an excellent training course available for all new or up-and-coming Crime Scene Investigators. California State University Long Beach Center for Criminal Justice offers an excellent class called FIELD EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN COURSE or FET for short. This is a basic but very complete two-week training course in all things relating to Crime Scene Investigation.

Some of the topics include: Crime Scene Photography, Rules of Evidence, Evidence Collection, Bloodstain Recognition, DNA Collection, Evidence Processing, Fingerprint Comparison, Evidence Preservation, and Courtroom Presentation.

The FET website states "This Class is Restricted to Law Enforcement Employees Only", but they have been known to make exceptions if you have a recomendation from an active Peace Officer and if there is room in the class.

The next class is being offered January 5-16 in Costa Mesa, CA
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  1. Took that class and it was awesome! The photography teacher is the best! Also took the AFET (Advanced Portion) as well! Great information and lots of hands on! Recomend Highly!