Friday, February 13, 2009

A career as a Crime Scene Investigator…
Passion found!

I love my job as a Crime Scene Investigator. It’s a pleasure to help people that have been wronged by others and very satisfying to help put those responsible behind bars. I am definitely passionate about my job, but is it my passion?

I love taking photographs. From the first time I picked up my mother’s Kodak Baby Brownie, pressed the shutter button, and heard the “click”, I was hooked. I knew from the young age of twelve I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up (even though I still refuse to). Seeing my first Ansel Adams exhibit nearly took my breath away. It instilled in me the love for nature and black and white photography that motivates me today.

Photography is my true passion.
Not very long ago, I realized that I had inadvertently put my passion aside. I had become so busy with my Crime Scene Photography and my teaching that I stopped taking photographs just for the joy of taking them. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking photographs as a Crime Scene Investigator, and I love teaching others those skills, but I had temporarily forgotten to take photographs just for me.

Fortunately, the remedy for this predicament was quite easy, I just started shooting again. A two-day trip to Bodie and Death Valley, three days in Yosemite, an afternoon at the beach, and the joy returned as if it had never been gone.

So as you hone your Crime Scene Photography skills and strive to be the best Crime Scene Investigator you can be, don’t forget what got you hooked on photography in the first place. Go ahead and capture a few images, just for you.

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