Friday, March 20, 2009

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DIY: Rubber coated Speed-Strap for your Speedlite

There are many accessories that can be purchased or easily made to modify the light coming from your off-camera or on-camera strobe. The key to putting these accessories to work is the ability to quickly and easily attach them to your Speedlite. Two part self-adhesive hook and loop material will work, but some, yours truly included, don’t prefer to permanently mount the material to the strobe. The answer is an easy-to-use speed-strap that can be securely attached and removed as needed.

Here is a very simple, inexpensive way to create your own accessory speed-strap that is rubber coated to securely grip your strobe head and protect it’s finish as well.

Items you will need:

Hook and loop strap material – width is personal preference. ¾” to 2” will work well
Plasti Dip plastic coating material – found at hardware and tool stores
1” Foam paint applicator – found at paint and home improvement stores
Masking tape
Naphtha thinner – found at paint and home improvement stores


Protect your work surface with paper. (this stuff can get messy)

Determine the length of hook and strap material for you strobe. I found 12” works well with Canon’s 580EX ll.
Tape off 3” of the hook (rough) side of the strap securing it to your covered surface. This allows an adequate surface for the loop side of the strap to attach to the hook side.
Mix the Plasti Dip material well and use the foam applicator to apply the material to the hook side of the strap.

Allow to dry, and apply a second coat. You can repeat this process, but I found two coats covered well.
Use the Naphtha to thin the rubber coating material as needed and for any clean-up.

After allowing it to completely dry, wrap your speed-strap around the head of you strobe. Attach self-adhesive hook material to your DIY or store bought light modifying accessories, and easily attach them to your strobe.

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  1. Great tip...I'll have to try that out over the weekend.